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Play the popular Minecraft game in a lighter edition

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Minecraft Pocket Edition is a mobile version of the popular construction and survival game for PC, and it perfectly melds the creativity of the original game with the convenience of touchscreen controls and complete portability. Minecraft has become something of a household name amongst those who are familiar with gaming in even the smallest capacity, and that legendary status has helped the game spread to other platforms. Anyone who hasn't tried the game on PC should consider playing this mobile version for Android.

There are two basic modes for Minecraft Pocket Edition just like the full game. Those modes are Creative and Survival, and they both come with their own set of rules and goals. In Survival, players are dropped on a randomized level filled with mountains, animals, and other natural phenomenon. The player will have to survive the landscape by building shelter and creating a domain that offers protection from the harsh landscape and the monsters that are constantly trying to kill the player.

Creative mode allows the player to build without any restrictions, and it is more of an artistic program than what many might consider a game. Players can build anything they can imagine, and they can use the massive variety in the game to generate some truly detailed creations.

When players attempt the Survival mode, they will have to collect materials in order to build. Stones, coal, and wood are the most basic components, and they can be used to create more complex items. As the game progresses and players discover more of its secrets, the possibilities start to open up.

One of the most impressive aspects of this game is the control system. Touchscreen controls might sound difficult with such a detailed game, but they work perfectly. With nothing but a bit of learning the basics of the game, the player can quickly adapt to the controls so they can build stunning structures. The game also includes a number of options that let players customize their experience in the world.

There are a few downsides to the game, as is true with most games. The soundtrack could be better, and the game is a bit pixelated. Some pixelation is expected with the inherently blocky nature of the game, but this version is just a bit too pixelated for a smaller screen. This is a small issue that many players of the original game won't notice.

The game also offers a multiplayer mode, and there is a full community of users who can offer advice to new players. Technically speaking, the game is a beautiful port of the original. The game is fast, smooth, and efficient. The resolution leaves a bit to be desired, but that is due to the smaller screens of mobile devices.

Few games can match the engagement or innovation of Minecraft, and the Pocket Edition is an excellent adaption of the original for mobile systems.


  • Brilliant Mobile Port
  • Build, Explore, and Survive
  • Current Minecraft Content


  • Subpar Resolution

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